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Solid As A Rock CD

"Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn" CD Album

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Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn Track Listing

  1. Margie’s At The Lincoln Park Inn - Listen   

  2.  I Love You A Thousand Ways
  3.  Country Star
  4.  A Lifetime’s A Longtime -  Listen       

  5.  Irvinestown My Home
  6.  Wedding Bells
  7.  Where Did We Go Wrong -   Listen      

  8.  Cuttin’ The Corn
  9.  Cardboard Homes
10. Co Fermanagh & Me
11. If Love Had A Heart
12. Sleep My Baby
13. Mum & Dads Waltz
14. Seattle

  15. Let Her Fly

  16. Omagh In Tyrone 

  17. A Bible And A Bus Ticket




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